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AMNT congratulates Government for strengthening trustees’ investment duties

The Association of Member Nominated Trustees has congratulated the government on its new regulations strengthening trustees' investment ...

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Press release – AMNT/UKSIF initative on investment consultants

UK investment consultants publicly back UK Pensions Regulator guidance to consider environmental and social issues • Twelve influential ...

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Association of Member Nominated Trustees appoints Red Line Voting Campaign Manager

The Association for Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT) today announces the appointment of Leanne Clements as Red Line Voting Campaign ...

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Has your pension scheme got a responsible scheme investment policy?

Has your pension scheme got a responsible investment policy? So many, after all, delegate this to their fund managers. Small schemes are ...

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Responsible for half a trillion pounds of assets

The Association of Member Nominated Trustees is celebrating passing a major milestone. In the last few weeks after an increasing influx of ...

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21st century newbie

21st Century Newbie! While not being a new member nominated trustee, being the newest member of the committee of the AMNT does qualify me ...

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Lifetime ISAs

Mr Osborne was never going simply to give up on his ISA model for lifetime savings. Some initial reactions to “Lifetime ISAs” scented ...

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AMNT Announces new Co-Chair

PRESS RELEASE – 17 March 2016   The Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT), today announced the election of David Weeks as ...

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New approach to shareholder voting adopted for the UK market

WHEB Asset Management, the global equity fund manager, has announced that it will trial implementing Red Line Voting – a new approach to ...

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Red Line Voting – Pensions Age article

Trustees of pension schemes and charities who want to adopt a comprehensive responsible investment policy are downloading the AMNT’s Red ...

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We should be interested

While low interest rates of recent years has brought welcome relief for many hard pressed mortgage holders, the impact of the very low ...

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Commission Payments – Engaged Investor

It is good to see that the Government is pressing forward with the policy of stripping out costs to members of pension schemes that they ...

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Is the power to the people all over again

If you are managing a pooled fund – your voting behaviour is under the spotlight! AMNT’s Red Line Voting is almost here and Trustees ...

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Responsible Investement – Engaged Investor article

The UNPRI international conference in London in early September was an upbeat affair. It was the biggest it’s ever been with over 1000 ...

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More than lip service – Pensions expert article

Pension scheme trustees have long faced criticism over their stewardship, or lack of stewardship, of their investments. As shareholders ...

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Red Line Voting Update

I am writing to update you on the progress of the AMNT’s Red Line Voting project, following our members’ approval of the Red Lines at ...

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Would you want to be a lay trustee?

Pension scheme members expect much from an MNT and rightly so, and they often ask me if I get paid as a Trustee – and always surprised ...

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Chancellor’s Summer Budget

The Chancellor’s Summer Budget looks to prepare the pensions world for still more major change. We shall all need to do some serious ...

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Red Line Voting is AMNT's groundbreaking initiative to help pension schemes that invest in pooled funds – to direct how the votes associated with the companies they invest in are cast. The Red Lines will cover the full ESG (environmental, social and governance) remit

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