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Member nominees are very important – they share responsibility for vast sums of money and provide the intimate link between a pension scheme’s governance and its membership.

The role is a challenging one too, as they often find themselves having to balance their duties with regular day-to-day commitments. AMNT believe that member nominees deserve the appropriate recognition and support through their own dedicated association.

In particular the AMNT helps member nominees who are:

New to the job

Helping first-timers navigate through the overwhelming and complicated nature of pensions regulation and terminology.


Providing the opportunity to expand your network, voice your opinions and share best practice and past experiences.

There are many ways member nominees can benefit from joining AMNT:

Reduced PMI membership. AMNT members can join the Trustee Group network for the reduced price of £105 for the 2023 membership year which runs from January to December 2023. Email for further details.
Access to information and advice to help you in your trustee role
Being part of an organisation dedicated to giving MNTs a voice which is listened to by government, the industry and the Regulator
Training on the many aspects of trusteeship
Regular open meetings in which you are encouraged to network with fellow trustees from other pension schemes and discuss issues of common concern
Quarterly Conferences 
Comprehensive calendar of pension related events, to industry events, forums and round tables via AMNT
Possibility of writing in the pensions press
Regular newsletters
Free subscription to several pension publications
Encouragement to sit (and pass!) the Pensions Management Institute examination to obtain the Award in Pensions Trusteeship – a recognised qualification
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About the AMNT

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