DB End Game Planning – how you can get your DB scheme to a safe place

This webinar will be hosted by Barnett Waddingham, with speakers Ian Mills, Head of DB Endgame Strategy and Chris Ramsey, Head of DB Endgame Consulting.

The session will be introduced by David Weeks (AMNT) and will cover the following topics, but in particular the key priorities and challenges of ‘End Game Planning’, including:

  • Why every DB pension scheme should have a plan for its end
  • What are the key elements that must be considered for planning an effective endgame?
  • How endgame planning permeates every aspect of running a pension scheme
  • How should Trustee Boards, Sponsors and advisers work together to get the best outcome?
  • The Pensions Regulator: help or hindrance?
  • What practical takeaways can MNTs take back to their boards?
  • Is it ever too early or too late to develop a plan?
  • What about open schemes?
  • How should Trustee Boards set about making plans and timescales?

If you have any specific questions you'd like to ask the speakers, then please submit them in advance, when registering. There will of course be the opportunity to submit questions live as well.


Thursday 17th June 2021 10:00 to 10:45


End Game Planning – the who, what, why, where, when and how?

Chris Ramsey

Principal and Head of DB Endgame (Trustee Consulting)

Chris is a hands-on, proactive and experienced Scheme Actuary.  He is one of Barnett Waddingham’s thought leaders on advising clients on their journey to their endgame (for example, buying-out with an insurer or reducing the reliance on the employer).  Chris’s focus is helping clients to see the big picture by bringing together their funding, investment and covenant issues in his advice.  He heads up our team dedicated to developing the systems and advice in our journey planning offering, and is a regular speaker at industry events. Chris also advises trustees and corporates on strategies for engaging members on their options (often called ‘liability management’), and until recently led our team that advises clients on the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) levy and how it can be managed.

End Game Planning – the who, what, why, where, when and how? 1

Ian Mills

Partner and Head of DB Endgame Strategy

Ian advises pension trustees and sponsors on developing and implementing strategies for achieving the long-term goals of their pension scheme. He helps clients to identify and define their endgame objectives, and then helps them to build and implement integrated funding, investment and covenant strategies tailored to their unique circumstances. Ian’s advisory style is pragmatic and collaborative. He works with his clients and their other advisers to explore the options, but then puts himself in the client’s shoes to provide a clear recommendation as to what he would do if he were them. He does not over-engineer, but provides clear and actionable advice to help pension schemes take control of their situation, by focusing on the issues that will have the biggest impact.

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