Can Trustee Boards beat Fiduciary Managers, when it comes to investment success?

This webinar will be hosted by two speakers from AON (speakers to be confirmed)

  • The session will be introduced jointly by a representative from AON and David Weeks (AMNT) and will cover the following topics, but in particular the key priorities and challenges of introducing fiduciary management, with an increased focus on responsible investment to Trustees Boards, including:
  • How should trustees consider implementing responsible investing that aligns with their beliefs and values?
  • Do trustees really understand what members value and where they would like their pensions to be invested?
  • Is it possible for trustees to have a fiduciary solution, that is flexible enough to accommodate members values and beliefs?
  • How can a fiduciary management solution offer enough flexibility to exclude certain sectors and take onboard climate change issues?

If you have any specific questions you'd like to ask the speakers, then please submit them in advance, when registering.


Wednesday 16th June 2021 10:00 till 10:45

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