The voice of our members

The AMNT aims to provide member nominated trustees with a voice to put forward our views to government, the regulator and other bodies. One of our priorities has therefore been to respond to consultations on matters that affect our members.

The many consultations to which AMNT has responded include:

Work and Pensions Committee

Written and oral evidence for Collective defined contribution pension schemes inquiry 2018-02- Written evidence from AMNT CDC0032

Association of British Insurers

Definition of terms used to describe investment risks

Red Tape Challenge

Submission to the Red Tape Challenge regarding pensions, putting forward a well argued alternative to the current scheme valuation regulations

Scheme valuation regulations

AMNT has made trustees’ views known to government and the industry on both defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes; we have worked with others on alternatives to the current DB scheme valuation regulations and to the current DC system and have widely disseminated our views.

Financial Reporting Council

Revisions to Corporate Governance and Stewardship Codes

FRC Formal feedback on revisions to Corporate Governance and Stewardship codes 28.02.18



Revised version of Statutory Illustrations of Money Purchase Benefits

Improving Outcomes for DC

AMNT responded to the Pensions Regulator’s invitation to comment on the proposals Improving Outcomes for DC and we were included in the DWP’s working parties on defined ambition pensions.

DB crisis

The organisation has also brought DB trustees together to discuss the crisis in DB schemes and how trustees can respond to it.

Financial Services Skills Council

Revision of National Occupational Standards for Trustees

Trustee Toolkit

AMNT worked with the Pensions Regulator on their very welcome revised Trustee Toolkit and assisted in testing it prior to it going live.

Making views known in government

We have also put forward the views of member-nominated trustees as a member of the government’s Trustees’ Panel and the Final Reporting Council’s Actuarial Users’ Committee.

21st Century Trusteeship and Governance

Response by the Association of Member Nominated Trustees to the Pensions Regulator’s Discussion Paper of July 2016.

Read the full discussion paper here.

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