Meeting Call for AMNT AGM 2019

Notice is hereby given that, by the decision of the Management Committee of the Association of Member Nominated Trustees, the Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held on the 7th of March 2019 at Willis Towers Watson 51 Lime St, London EC3M 7DQ at 12:30pm during the Spring Conference lunch break.

The functions of the Management Committee are described in the AMNT Constitution (especially in clause 6) – see AMNT Constitution, as it is posted on our website or, for further insight into what is involved, contact one or more current Committee members: see and note that will find them

There will be SIX vacancies for members of the Management Committee to be filled in conjunction with the AGM.  An electronic ballot to fill them will be held in the course of the twelve days beginning on Friday 15th February and ending on Tuesday 5th March 2019 at 12 noon; the results will be announced at the AGM and published will, it is intended, be on the AMNT website that day.  The six candidates with the greatest number of votes will be entitled to serve for three years (or until earlier cessation of AMNT membership); but if in order to identify those six candidates, it is necessary to decide between two or more candidates with the same number of votes, any such decision shall be taken by lot.  Shelley Ismail, as Business Manager, will act as Returning Officer.

Nominations to fill those vacancies are invited from Full Members of AMNT.  A Full Member may nominate her/himself or another Full Member.  To be valid, a nomination must be received by the Business manager by e‑mail at AMNT Support ( not later than 4pm on Thursday 14th February 2019; and the Business Manager must also have received at that address, on or before that date, the agreement of the nominee (where a different person from the nominator).

A candidate may submit, for circulation to Full Members with the ballot, a statement of not more than 100 words in support of her/his candidature; only text will be circulated (i.e., no graphics) and material may be withheld if the Business Manager is advised that its publication would expose AMNT to legal liability.


  1. Derek Scott-Reply
    January 31, 2019 at 5:56 pm

    AGM date in London clashes with PLSA investment conference in Edinburgh 6-8 March 2019.

    Can you please try to avoid such clashes in future?

  2. Mary Boyle-Reply
    January 31, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    I thank AMNT for welcoming me as a member. Being part of the trustee journey and understanding the issues has been an enlightening experience. My background in investments and risk management, I believe, brings a new prospective to the AMNT debate. I would be honoured to be considered for this position and welcome the opportunity to give my support and commitment to the challenges ahead.

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