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The Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT) comprises of a small committee who meet regularly to manage and maintain the daily running and events of the association on the behalf of its members.

Janice Turner


Janice Turner is founding co-chair of the Association of Member Nominated Trustees. She helped to found the AMNT because she believed that the voices of ordinary member-nominated trustees were not being heard. For more than eight years she has been putting forward the views of trustees to the industry and the government.

Janice has been a member of the Department for Work and Pensions Trustees Panel and the Actuarial Users' Committee of the Financial Reporting Council, and was a guest speaker at Harvard Law School's international pensions and capital stewardship conference. She has been named by Pensions Insight as one of the top 50 most influential people in the pensions industry.

Janice believes very strongly in the right and necessity of pension scheme trustees to take seriously the longterm sustainability of their investments. But, faced with the difficulty so many pension schemes have in adopting and implementing environmental, social and governance policies in relation to the stewardship of their investments,  she devised a new approach to ESG, called Red Line Voting.  The campaign continues with government, regulators and the pensions industry to further the rights and ability of pension schemes to direct their own stewardship policy.

Janice has appeared before the Work and Pensions Select Committee to give evidence on behalf of AMNT. She is currently a member of the Financial Reporting Council's Investor Advisory Group.

Janice's pensions background is in the defined benefit sphere, and she is a member-nominated trustee of the BECTU Staff Retirement Scheme. She has achieved the PMI Level 3 Award in Pensions Trusteeship. Janice is employed at BECTU, the film and broadcasting union, as the Editor of the union's journal Stage Screen & Radio magazine and she is also the union's award-winning diversity officer.

David Weeks


David Weeks was elected as Co-Chair of the Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT) in 2016. His service on the executive committee runs from 2014. He is a director of the defined benefit pension scheme for a leading PLC in infrastructure services. The Pensions Management Institute presented him with their 2019 award for “Outstanding contribution to the pensions industry”. “Engaged Investor” included him in their “Top 50 people in pensions 2017”.

David Weeks is active in the affairs of the World Pensions Council, for whom he has made presentations to, and acted as rapporteur at, international conferences. Journals that have published contributions from him recently include “Financial Times”, “Revue Analyse Financiere”, “Portfolio Institutional”, “Professional Pensions” and “Pensions Expert”. He has been a judge for major UK pension awards.

In his previous career, David Weeks has experience of both public and private sectors. Most recently he served as a consultant or executive in UK Government Departments, including Home Office, Heath, Trade and Industry, and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Earlier, he worked in private sector business development and marketing, and in international advertising agencies. He is a graduate in history of the University of Bristol.

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Robin Bell

Committee member

Robin was elected to the AMNT committee in 2012 He is a member nominated trustee of the Allied Irish Banks UK DB pension scheme and previously was a trustee of the Defined Contribution scheme. Robin works in retail banking and is a member of the national executive of IBOA the finance union. In 2010 Robin was appointed as a member of the Industrial Court in Northern Ireland which has statutory powers in trade union recognition disputes and information requirements for collective bargaining. Robin is married to Jill and they have two children Thomas and Claire. Outside of work and pensions Robin is a keen water-skier and enjoys recreational cycling.

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Leanne Clements

Campaign Manager for Red Line Voting

Leanne Clements joined the AMNT as Campaign Manager for Red Line Voting in March 2017. Leanne is responsible for supporting the adoption and implementation of Red Line Voting policies, by working with AMNT and its members, fund managers, policy makers as well as other important actors in the investment chain.  Prior to this role, Leanne led the responsible investment strategies at three different UK pension schemes.  Prior to that, she worked at a corporate governance and shareholder advisory consultancy, most notably conducting voting policy generation and executing voting instructions for UK pension schemes.  Prior to her career in the UK, she worked in her native Canada as an environmental consultant for an engineering firm conducting contaminated site investigations for financial clients

Andrea Myers photo

Andrea Myers

Committee member

Andrea has been a MNT of the Marks and Spencer Pension scheme for 7 years. She attended the first meeting of the AMNT at the recommendation of the M&S pension team and quickly became involved in the committee. Her area of responsibility on the committee is training. Andrea's day job is HR manager and she runs run a telephone advice service for Line managers. She has worked for Marks and Spencer for 33 years.

Stephen Fallowell profile picture

Stephen Fallowell

Committee member

Stephen Fallowell worked in Nat West Retail Banking for 42 years, retiring in
2013. He was member Nominated Trustee for the Royal Bank of Scotland
Fund until 2018 when his term of office ended. He was elected to the main
committee of the AMNT in 2017. He was an active lay official for the Banking
Union and still undertakes individual representations. He has written for Pension Age Magazine in a personal capacity and now submits a regular column for the AMNT. He also writes regularly for Pension Expert.
Stephen is a playwright with regular broadcasts on Radio stations in Sussex.
Stephen lives in West Sussex with his wife Lynne. They have two adult

John Gaunt

Committee member

John is a committee member of the AMNT (Association of Member Nominated Trustees) and formerly experienced trustee of a large ($3bn) UK occupational pension scheme. He is a retired IT manager who has experience in successfully managing local, regional and global projects, in varied functional areas, including Logistics, Manufacturing, Research and Development, Quality and Finance. In addition to IT project management John has several years experience managing IT support teams in UK, Eire, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Russia, where he lived for a short period. He combines strong people management and interpersonal skills with a practical approach.

John Paradise

Committee member

John is an MNT for St Andrews Healthcare, one of the UK’s oldest charitable providers for the mentally ill although he now works for PJ Care as their Head of Learning and Development. Initially elected as Serving Member Representative, he was then nominated by the Employer as a Trustee (ENT), before being elected directly by members as an MNT. He joined AMNT soon after its inception and was elected to the National Committee in Nov 2011.

An active national committee member, John is jointly responsible for Training and Communications. John also believes that MNT’s should be recognised for the complexity of their role, that tPR Toolkit training should be mandatory in the first six months, with time off paid by sponsors, and to be paid as Trustees but linked closely to the level of TKU they can evidence. John has represented AMNT at events in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona and Berlin and occasionally writes for the pension industry press.

Peter Neville

Committee member

 Peter Neville joined the AMNT Committee in 2019. Having taken early retirement, he has been a pensioner-elected trustee of BTGplc Pension Fund (400 members) for about fifteen years.
   His knowledge of pensions, coupled with the fact that he was already an elected trustee, caused his local council to put him forward for the Hertfordshire Pension Board (the oversight body for all local authority pensions in Hertfordshire, with member-nominated reps on the Board), which he chaired 2017-8.
   He has been an AMNT panellist at various events such as at PBUK.
   At adviser events, he found that chatting to trustees of other schemes gave him a valuable wider perspective. Therefore, if AMNT didn't exist, it would surely have to be invented. Accordingly, his interest lies in contributing to AMNT's work to improve the capabilities of trustees and with its initiatives (such as Red Line Voting) which trustees would find it difficult to advocate as lone voices in their individual schemes without external support.

Nigel Wildman

Nigel Wildman

Committee member

Nigel has been a committee member of the ANMT since early 2019, he is a former MNT and Chair of the Epson (UK) Pension Scheme, a position he held for 7 years and 2 years as an MNT beforehand.  Prior to that he was an MNT of the Kodak Limited Pension Plan for nearly 5 years. During his membership, he has found the ANMT to be a rich source of trustee learning and has obtained the PMI’s Award in Trusteeship (DB and DC) via the AMNT.  Nigel’s career was initially in R&D and then later marketing and financial business management across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia. He now participates in the pensions space where he is involved in pension fund and trustee related activities.  His previous schemes span from £60m up to £1bn of assets and he is experienced in scheme governance, investment strategy development including fiduciary management, covenant analysis, liability reduction activities (including Enhanced Transfer Value), legal dispute resolution, scheme strategy development and has proven negotiation skills with demonstrated results. Throughout his trusteeship the member has remained at the forefront of his focus, he now wishes to champion the MNT by focusing his efforts to help MNT’s become more knowledgeable and effective against the backdrop of a drive for professionalism of the trustee role and help the AMNT actively promote MNT’s with government and the Pension’s Regulator. Nigel is a keen cyclist, enjoys walking his dog in the countryside, he is also a member of CAMRA and can be found volunteering his time at their events.


Alan Gander

Committee member

Alan joined the AMNT in 2012 and has been a Member Nominated Trustee of the Lend Lease UK Pension Scheme for 6 years.  He is currently Chairman of the Investment Sub-Committee, thoroughly enjoying anything to do with investments, and works hard to get the best outcomes for our scheme Members. The final salary fund is in excess of £500m, now fully closed, with approximately 2000 Members.  The growing defined contribution fund is circa £150m, with nearly 3000 Members. Alan has been an active member of the working party in preparing for this year’s Triennial Valuation, taking part in discussions with the Company Sponsor (whose parent is based in Australia) to agree adequate contribution levels. He is now retired from work, previously working as a Commercial Executive in the construction industry for 35 years, and is in receipt of a DB and DC pension; so is fully aware of the issues and traumas with establishing a retirement income. He is married, with six grown-up and totally independent children/step-children, and helps to instil in them that life is not just about paying bills and mortgages today, but also about thinking of how they will provide themselves with an income as they grow older. He loves to swim regularly, cycling whenever weather permits, painting portraits of well-known people he admires and walking in the Lake District; the most beautiful place on earth.

Bridget Hiluta

Membership and General Administation

Bridget joined the AMNT as administrator for Red Line Voting in September 2015. Initially supporting the development and launch of the project, and then managing the day to day administration of the project. Following the appointment of Leanne Clements as campaign manager for Red Line Voting Bridget moved into a more general role, supporting the membership and events aspects of the Association's work.

Her background is having worked for Marks and Spencer for 38 years primarily as an HR Manager and also as a Training & Commercial Manager.

Peter Martin

Committee Member

Peter is the Investment Officer for The Medical Defence Union and has been with the MDU since 2016.  Peter is a Trustee of the MDU Pension & Life Assurance Scheme.Peter has over 25 years' experience as a senior investment professional.  Prior to joining the MDU, Peter was previously Head of Manager Research at JLT Employee Benefits and previously worked at Aon Consulting.  Peter is widely quoted in the investment and pensions press and regularly speaks at conferences.  Peter’s investment research specialisms have included Bonds, LDI and Property. Peter is currently a member of the Investor Committee of the Association of Real Estate Funds as well as the Management Committee for the Association of Member Nominated Trustees.  He has also been Chairman of the Professional Pensions Property Panel.Peter was also a member of the Society of Pension Professionals (SPP) Investment Committee for many years and in addition was a member of the Investment Committee to the Pensions Board of the Institute of Actuaries.Peter is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and also holds the Investment Management Certificate (IMC).


Committee Member

He is a Member-Nominated Trustee of a large UK Pension Scheme and a Member of the Investment Sub-Committee of that Scheme.  Prior to his retirement he was a Management-Nominated Trustee and was also Secretary to the Trustees.  For many years Christopher was an Adviser with the Pensions Advisory Service and now carries out a similar role with the Office of The Pensions Ombudsman. Christopher is a Chartered Secretary with wide business experience and interests, particularly in the fields of investment and property management/development.  He is actively involved in the management of a large, diversified, family-owned property portfolio.  In addition, he has and continues to hold a number of Senior Public Appointments, mainly related to Health, Social Care, Housing and Judicial matters. Also active in the Charitable and Voluntary Sectors, Christopher is Chairman of a National Medical Charity and is Vice Chairman of a major National Charity which focusses on social exclusion and the provision of support for those suffering from the effects of substance misuse and abuse.  Additionally, he is Chairman of a Social Enterprise Company.  In all of these activities he has an involvement in and ongoing over-sight in regard to pensions and pensions-related issues. Living in rural Northumberland, Christopher has an active interest in country life and country pursuits, and is a member of the Country Land and Business Owners Association (CLA) and the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), of which he is a former County Branch Chairman.

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