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Aon supports institutional investors with their investment challenges.

We partner with CIOs, trustees and sponsors to help them find their unique path through the complexities of investment. All of our solutions are designed to drive better investment outcomes, meet clients' specific goals and match their circumstances. Specialisms include:

  • Investment Strategy
  • Asset Allocation
  • Risk Management
  • Global Investment Management
  • Fiduciary Management


Our experts have a wealth of real-world experience in actuarial work, investment consulting, fund management, trading, banking, economics, treasury and derivatives. These strengths, skills and diversity of backgrounds create a powerful combination of ideas, expertise and experience for our clients to draw on.

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Global Perspectives on Responsible Investing

Earlier this year, Aon surveyed institutional investors on their attitudes and approaches to responsible investment. We received responses from 223 investors around the world - which include endowments, foundations, public and corporate pensions and defined benefit plans.

Read what they had to say in our highlights summary and full findings report.

For more information about responsible investing and to access a wealth of resources prepared by Aon’s experts, visit or contact Tim Manuel, Head of Responsible Investment, UK.

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