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Aon supports institutional decision makers with their investment challenges.

We partner with CIOs, trustees and sponsors to help them find their unique path through the complexities of investment. All of our solutions are designed to drive better investment outcomes, meet clients' specific goals and match their circumstances. Specialisms include:

  • Investment Strategy - we listen to every scheme we work with and deliver a tailored strategy based on their individual investment beliefs, objectives, timescales and risk appetite.
  • Asset Allocation - our team's global coverage and 130 years of combined experience gives us unique insights into mid-term as well as long-term approaches to investment.
  • Risk Management - our combined investment and actuarial expertise, backed by risk analytics, support clients to achieve the right risk/reward balance for their scheme.
  • Global Investment Management - Aon's global manager research team is 100% focused on delivering in-depth, quality research and ongoing monitoring of fund managers and their products.
  • Fiduciary Management - Aon's Delegated Consulting Services uses our leading flight path and dynamic de-risking approach to build scheme-focused solutions for both DB and DC schemes.


We have more than 820 investment consulting colleagues around the world, serving over 2500 clients with combined assets worth $4.2trillion, globally.
Our experts have a wealth of real-world experience in actuarial work, investment consulting, fund management, trading, banking, economics, treasury and derivatives.

As a result, our strengths, skills and diversity create a powerful combination of ideas, expertise and experience for our clients to draw on.

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