“Looking for Positives” – A perspective on market events, investment performance and what Trustees should be doing

The AMNT, Columbia Threadneedle and XPS Pensions Group have joined forces to explore and understand how the investment world has managed to adapt and find new ways through the outcomes of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The current crisis has been a 'life changing' event, and will need to be fully understood by pensions schemes regarding investment of their assets to secure good member outcomes. Toby Nangle of Columbia Threadneedle Investments will outline how flexing the choice of assets within a scheme's asset allocation will impact portfolio risk and has impacted returns this year. He will be joined by Simeon Willis, Chief Investment Officer at XPS Pensions Group, who will expand upon the importance of making good investment decisions and answer your questions, dependent upon the status of varying pension schemes. The key issues of these topics will be outlined in a way to help Trustees combat the demands of this now extremely volatile and unpredictable marketplace.

The key issues they will cover include:

  • Increasing quality and quantity of assets as a means to participate in recoveries within approved risk budgets
  • Drawing the distinction between, and highlighting the importance of, the composition, and quantum, of risk
  • Sharing the investment experience of a dynamic asset allocation process to highlight the role of diversification and a forward-looking mindset
  • What is a robust investment strategy and what are the fundamentals that need to be examined before setting the right goals?
  • How Trustees should recognise that ESG factors are not just beneficial, but vital in analysing good fund managers and assets?
  • Understanding that it is not necessarily too late to address funding liabilities and under-performing assets?

This webinar will seek predominantly to look for positives and expand upon the basics elements of sound investment applications to meet the new circumstances of a changing world.

You will not be disappointed.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask the panel or speakers, then please submit them in advance when registering.


6th November 2020 10am

This webinar will be CPD accredited, certificated will be produced 48 hours after the event.


Simeon Willis

Simeon Willis

Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Simeon leads our thinking on journey planning and asset allocation, along with being responsible for research across the investment team. Simeon is an experienced investment specialist with 17 years’ experience, advising trustee and corporate clients on a full range of investment related matters, with a particular emphasis towards strategy and risk management. Simeon is frequently quoted in the press on matters relating to investment opportunities and topical debate.

AMNT - Newsletter June 2017 1

Toby Nangle

Co-Head of Asset Allocation

As Global Head of Asset Allocation, Toby manages and co-manages a range of multi-asset portfolios, as well as provides strategic and tactical input to the company’s asset allocation process. Toby also serves as Head of Multi-Asset, EMEA. Toby Joined the company in 2012. Toby previously worked at Baring Asset Management, initially on the fixed-income team and subsequently as director of the multi-asset group.

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