AMNT Spring Conference 2017


"David Weeks, Chairman of AMNT: "Our MNTs represent 1/3rd of UK pension scheme's assets under management" "

Greatly influenced by the feedback we received, our spring conference incorporated more group discussions that allowed thoughtful and focused debates to take place throughout the day. The event was kicked off by our special keynote speaker, Richard Harrington MP, the Minister of Pensions.

Thank you to all our speakers:

Richard Harrington AMNT Spring Conference Speaker

Richard Harrington

Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Work and Pensions)

Nick Sherry AMNT Spring Conference Speaker

Hon. Nick Sherry, BA

Former Australian Pensions Minister

"Australian Super System"

Kerry Coleman AMNT Spring Conference Speaker

Kerry Coleman

E-Learning Manager at The Pensions Regulator

"Running a scheme assessment"

Hank Kim AMNT Spring Conference Speaker

Hank Kim

Executive Director and Counsel for NCPERS

"National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems"

Seb Beloe Spring Conference Speaker

Seb Beloe

Head of Research at WHEB Asset Management

"To advance sustainability and create prosperity through positive impact investments."

Andrew Brown AMNT Spring Conference Speaker

Andrew Brown

Client Director at Columbia Thread Needle Investments

"DC: Information for scheme members"

Matt Barnes AMNT Spring Conference Speaker

Matt Barnes

Senior Actuary at Pension Insurance Corporation

"DB: Buy‐ins and Buy‐outs"

Mark Gull AMNT Spring Conference Speaker

Mark Gull

Head of Fixed Income at PIC

The Willis Towers Watson 2018 Pensions and Savings Conference

Sanjay Gupta

Actuary at Willis Towers Watson

"Risk assessment and management"

Tristan Walker-Buckton AMNT Spring Conference Speaker

Tristan Walker-Buckton

Actuary at Pension Insurance Corporation

Marcus Sinclair Taylor

‎Independent Human Resources Professional

 "The AMNT Red Lines – a Trustee Journey"


Memories from the day

A special thanks to our hosts at Pension Insurance Corporation for hosting our event

And thank you to our sponsors for their continued support:

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