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MALLOWSTREET: 2019 general election manifestos and pensions

Written by David Weeks: Co-Chair, Association of Member Nominated Trustees: 25 November 2019 Mrs May’s snap general election campaign in 2017 unravelled rapidly after a gaffe in her manifesto over care costs for the elderly. An unwise new policy appearance derailed a broader agenda. The debacle also showed how it can become difficult to promote sensible policies in an area

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Landmark Pension Schemes Bill: Jail for reckless bosses, dashboards and new type of pension given green light

• New jail term for bosses who run pensions into the ground • Legislation enabling the delivery of Pensions Dashboards • Legislation paves way for first Collective Defined Contribution pension in UK The UK’s retirement-saving revolution takes another huge step forward today as the Government brings forward its latest pensions proposals. The Bill brings in a new sentence of up

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