mallowstreet is proud to announce the return of the Trustee Survey & Report. Together with the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA), the Pensions Management Institute (PMI), Association of Professional Pension Trustees (APPT) and the Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT), the annual survey offers trustees a voice on the biggest issues facing the industry.

With 200 responses to our inaugural survey and over 500 downloads of the free public report, the Trustee Survey & Report is one of the largest studies of its kind.

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Since our first survey, the trustee landscape has dramatically shifted, with the pandemic and Brexit  dominating the macro environment. Together with growing pressures on trustees to plan for net zero and fears building around covenant risk, the role of a trustee has never been more complex.

The mallowstreet Trustee Survey takes 15 minutes to complete and offers a forum where trustees can share their experiences and views anonymously.

If you would like to see our previous report, click here[TP1] .

Maggie Rodger, co-chair of the AMNT, said the survey will prove invaluable in planning the right support and advice for pension trustees.

“The AMNT exists to provide support and advice for members in their trustee responsibilities. This survey will help us to see how best to respond to the needs of members as we move forward from the recent challenging times for pension schemes. We encourage all trustees to take part and we look forward with interest to see the results.”

Gareth Tancred, Chief Executive Officer of the Pensions Management Institute, said: “mallowstreet’s new Trustee Survey and Report is extremely exciting and we are thrilled to be associated with it. The PMI is dedicated to raising standards in the pensions industry, and the survey’s findings highlight the major themes for achieving this. We are certain that this represents a significant step forward for our industry.”

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association’s Head of Membership Engagement, James Walsh,believes that this research will give trustees insights which will further the industry.  

“Trustees really value being able to see how their counterparts at other schemes are tackling common challenges, and the mallowstreet Trustee Survey is a key tool in helping them to do that. The PLSA is pleased to support this vital research and we will be encouraging trustees across all our members to get involved with it.”

Nita Tinn, Chair of the Association of Professional Pension Trustees (APPT), commented:

“In recent years, the role of the professional trustee and therefore the skills required by practitioners have evolved significantly. This includes new regulations and TPR’s increased focus on governance, as well as requirements for TCFD disclosures and the increased necessity to put ESG at the core of investment strategies. These changes are positive, and this new survey will provide further insight into how trustees across the industry are adapting and developing their skills to address them.  As the representative body for professional trustees, the APPT is working hard to raise standards across the industry through our accreditation programme and PCST code of practice, which ensure trustees have the skills they need to embrace this new landscape.”

Stuart Breyer, CEO of mallowstreet, said the focus will be on enabling trustees to protect benefits in these difficult times. 

“The pandemic has thrown so much noise into the system, the trustee survey could not be happening at a more impactful juncture. It’s essential trustees are listened to by the broader industry as they work to safeguard their members' future income, and the trustee survey gives space to accomplish this. Ultimately, it reflects how we as a community at mallowstreet, the AMNT, APPT, PLSA and the PMI empower our members to make better decisions so everyone gets paid their pension."

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About mallowstreet

mallowstreet's mission is to empower every pension fund to make better decisions, meaning every person can have a better retirement.

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We are a members-only online community website, with a portfolio of educational in-person events that sits alongside it. Both the website and the events are specifically for professionals in the institutional pensions industry and are accredited by the Pensions Management Institute.

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[SW4] About the AMNT

The Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT) aspires to be a positive force and a prominent voice in the UK pensions industry today. We believe that given the inherently complex nature of UK pensions and the increasing burden being placed on trustees, that far more support should be made available to member nominees.

We are a not-for-profit organisation supporting member-nominated trustees, member-nominated directors and employee representatives of UK based pension schemes in the private and public sector (funded and unfunded).

We launched with the support of Pitmans Trustees Limited, as a result of feedback and comments from member nominees who expressed a desire to be able to liaise with other member nominees, share experiences and build a community designed specifically to cater for their unique perspective within the pensions industry.

Following our initial market research, an inaugural meeting was held on Friday September 3, 2010, attended by individuals representing a range of schemes including Marks & Spencer, Telent, ICI, Atkins, Aegon, Coats, United Technologies Corporation, Kasbank, Clariant, Heygate and LBBD. Since then, the association has won universal support, including in the pensions media and among the pensions trade bodies: momentum continues to build.

About the APPT

The Association for Professional Pension Trustees (APPT) is the industry body for professional trustees of occupational pension schemes, working to set and promote standards of best practice within the sector and represent the interests of our members. Since the launch of accreditation of professional trustees in June 2020 we have become a principal accreditation body for professional trustees.

About the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association

We represent pension schemes that together provide a retirement income to more than 30 million savers in the UK and invest more than £1.3 trillion in the UK and abroad. Our members include asset managers, consultants, law firms, fintechs, and others who play an influential role in people’s financial futures.

Our mission is to help everyone achieve a better income in retirement. We work to get more people and money into retirement savings, to get more value out of those savings and to build the confidence and understanding of savers.

About the Pensions Management Institute

Founded in 1976, the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) is the UK’s largest and most recognisable professional body for employee benefit and retirement savings professionals, supporting over 6,500 members in 32 countries. It is the principal body providing education for professionals working in the workplace pensions sector.

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