AMNT: “Asset owners should take charge of ESG voting”

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AMNT Member Survey sheds light on the effect of the current pandemic but raises a concern for the future

11th December 2020 The Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT) has undertaken a survey of its members to coincide with its 10th anniversary. The member survey was conducted in conjunction with XPS, the largest pure pensions’ consultancy in the UK. Thesurvey investigated: AMNT members in particular; member nominated trusteeship in general; the impact of the current pandemic; and environmental, social

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Press release: Bringing shareholder voting into the 21st Century

Bringing shareholder voting into the 21st Century: An examination of the barriers to effective stewardship and how to overcome them. Pensions Minister endorses AMNT report recommendations and agrees to set up working group on barriers to trustee voting: “I am determined we are going to bring about real change on this issue”. AMNTs continuing Red Lines Voting campaign leads to

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‘10 years of progress in a turbulent world’ – The Association of Member Nominated Trustees celebrates its 10th anniversary

Opperman praises its “vital and independent voice in pensions governance” The Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT) celebrated its 10th anniversary in September 2020. As the only pensions’ trade association that represents primarily individual pension scheme members rather than provider interests, it has grown to a membership of around 800 individual trustees, representing pension schemes with assets under management of over

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Pension Freedoms

Written by Stephen Fallowell, Committee member, for Pensions Age (September edition) The idea of ‘Personal Freedom’ has a long history and continues to engage Philosophers, Politicians and me and you. The present imposition by Government of social distancing and wearing face masks can be considered an attack on our ‘Personal Freedom’ though I, like the majority of people, accept this

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Written by Stephen Fallowell, Committee member – written for Pensions Age June Edition English is a living language adapting to changing times. Monitoring this change is the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) which makes additions and omissions of words and phrases from its Lexicon each year. During the Coronavirus pandemic a number of new phrases and words have emerged; Lockdown, Social

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Customers, Clients or Members

Written by Stephen Fallowell – Committee member, published in PensionAge In our inter reaction with organisations we give and are given various titles; members, customers and clients. We do not normally pay attention to what we are called providing the service provided meets our need. But definitions are important as they often determine the way we are envisaged by the

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New plans to protect pension savers

TPR publishes response to Future of Trusteeship and Governance consultation Date: Monday 10 February 2020 NEW measures have been announced by The Pensions Regulator to protect savers and improve member outcomes by ensuring they are in well run schemes able to deliver good value.  The action comes as TPR publishes its response (click here) to its consultation on the future

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“I want to use EduMNT but I can’t remember my account password”

EduMNT is our digital learning platform for AMNT members, members must log in to gain access. If you’ve forgotten your account password, use the instructions below to recovery your account. 1. Go to our member login page and click ‘Lost your password?’ 2. Submit the email you use for your account 3. Check your inbox for a password reset email,

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Cost transparency: We need to help trustees in spite of themselves!

David Weeks, Co-Chair AMNT – Written for Mallowstreet One of mallowstreet’s key findings in its recent Trustee Report was on costs and charges for pension scheme trustees. Not to put too fine a point on it, we need to help trustees in spite of themselves. The survey is a wake-up call. Respondents recognise that cost transparency is an issue of significance. They

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