AMNT Autumn Conference – 21st September

Brexit and beyond: what trustees need to do? Abhishek and Columbia Threadneedle look forward to welcoming you to the next AMNT member conference, on Wednesday 21 September 2016, at 78 Cannon Street, London EC4N 6AG. We are delighted to be joined by guest speakers: Lord Flight MA Cantab, MBA USA  Howard Flight was appointed to the House of Lords by David Cameron,

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AMNT breaks the UNOFFICIAL WORLD RECORD for World’s biggest Trustee selfie!

  AMNT Summer Conference 2016 – Hosted by Capita



“Thoroughly enjoyed @AMNTOrg conference today. Insightful views expressed by delegates” This year’s summer conference was buzzing with activity. The day was packed with speakers casting their insights and delegates hungry to learn and participate in debate, all with the aim of answering the question ‘Do Trustees delegate too much? Read more here…


David Weeks is elected Co-chair

David Weeks was elected as Co-Chair of the UK pension industry’s Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT) in March 2016. The AMNT has 600 members, representing 400 occupational pension schemes, with assets under management of £600 billion. Members divide between defined benefit and defined contribution schemes on a 60: 40 basis. David Weeks is a director of a defined benefit

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Spring AMNT Newsletter

February Conference – What does a 21st Century Trustee look like? Read all the latest consultations, calendar of events, and member updates in our latest spring newsletter here.


The real fight against emissions is being waged by markets

‘There were tears, there was a standing ovation, there were hosannas in the media. If only the deal produced by the UN climate conference in Paris had lived up to the emotions of the closing session…’ Cick to read full article by Nic Firzli of World Pensions Council


David Weeks in Engaged Investor

‘Pension scheme trustees who want to be well prepared for troubles in 2016 can find some useful preparation on the web site of the Association of Member Nominated Trustees: There is a report there of the World Pensions Council’s fifth annual forum held in Paris in last December. The theme was “The long term assets of pension, sovereign and

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21st Century Trusteeship: Not past their used by date just yet

A number if industry experts are suggesting that the rise of the independent trustee means their member and employee nominated colleagues have had their day. We look at what a lay trustee still has to offer. To read the full article here. Cover story featured in Engaged Investor.


David Weeks AMNT WPC summary

AMNT WPC Summary 28 December 15 WORLD PENSIONS COUNCIL: FIFTH ANNUAL WORLD PENSIONS AND INVESTMENT FORUM: 2-3 December 2015: Paris: “The long term assets of pension, sovereign and insurance investors in a time of economic realignment and climate change”. Report by David Weeks Committee Member of the UK Association of Member Nominated Trustees; Director of the defined benefit pension scheme of

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AMNT Open Meeting – Sackers November 2014

If you weren’t able to make the last conference, we have add a couple of sessions here for you to browse through: Click here to see Session from Sackers on misstatement. Click here to see Session from Sackers on Death benefits.