Press release


Red Line Voting Update

I am writing to update you on the progress of the AMNT’s Red Line Voting project, following our members’ approval of the Red Lines at our conference on 24 June, and to ask you to let us know if your board is planning to consider Red Line Voting. For the benefit of the many trustees who have joined AMNT in

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Would you want to be a lay trustee?

Pension scheme members expect much from an MNT and rightly so, and they often ask me if I get paid as a Trustee – and always surprised when I say no – wondering why I do such an increasingly challenging, time consuming and complex role for no monetary reward. Equally – the industry expects Trustees to be skilled enough to

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Chancellor’s Summer Budget

The Chancellor’s Summer Budget looks to prepare the pensions world for still more major change. We shall all need to do some serious thinking over the summer about how to respond to his thoughts on replacing upfront tax relief on pension contributions with exemption from tax for pensions in payment. We should perhaps resist being heavily influenced by the further

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