AMNT Sponsor Newsletter

Thanks to the help of our Sponsors, the Association of Member Nominated Trustess goes from ‘strength to strength’. Our membership has grown in excess of 45% since last year and now stands at 685. Our members represent 499 pension schemes, with an overall value of £662billion AUM.


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We continue to organise four quarterly conferences, on “hot pension topics”, with the aim of keeping our membership fully up to date and aware of all things related to this fast changing industry.

This year we have completely re-vamped and improved our website, which now allows sponsors to download their corporate articles on current issues or new pension innovations to a new ‘library section’. The ‘Calendar of Events’, still the leading promoter of pension events, now allows sponsors a simple process for adding their own marketing for events; especially related to Trustees.

‘Google Analytics’ also allows us to investigate which areas of the website and which sponsors are attracting most attention. The website still gives sponsors their own discrete page, with company web links available.

In addition, and with the ever growing importance of ESG issues, the AMNT successfully established the Red Line Voting initiative. We are considering our next “cause”, in this troubled world of pensions, and will be looking for support from our sponsors to determine whats ‘hot’.

To the end of November 2016, other sponsor related activities included:-

The AMNT logo continues to offer sponsors a valuable connection to the world of Pension Board Trustees. The organisation, which you support, looks to gain mutual benefits for both Trustees and Sponsors.

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