AMNT/Cardano and Lincoln Pensions – PensionSim



Hosted by: Cardano and Lincoln Pensions
Date and time: 21st November 2019, 16:00– 19:00
Location: Offices of Cardano and Lincoln Pensions 6 Bevis Marks, London, EC3A 7BA.

PensionSim is an award winning training simulator that allows you to experience real life scenarios and their impact on DB pension schemes and their sponsors in a safe environment.

Successful DB risk management involves understanding the risks that impact a scheme’s assets (investment), liabilities (funding) and employer covenant (its most important asset but most complex) and the inter-relationships that exist between these risks. This is clearly a complicated and challenging task, especially in today’s uncertain and volatile business and economic climate.

Our interactive stimulator, PensionSim aims to help you understand the numerous challenges faced by trustees of DB schemes and gives you the opportunity to practice integrated risk management (IRM) within the ‘safe environment’ of a game played with a team of your peers.

During a 90 minute PensionSim session, you will make funding, risk management and investment decisions by drawing on covenant updates, scheme and market data. Every three years, you will go through a funding valuation, where you will have to balance scheme and sponsor demands in order to achieve the best possible outcome. To succeed, you will have to adjust the investment strategy and decide on funding targets, while asset markets, interest rates and inflation expectations move, in line with real world events.

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16:00 Registration

16:30 Managing a pension scheme in a safe environment through PensionSim 


Richard Farr, MD, Lincoln Pensions

Phil Redding, Head of UK Business Development, Cardano

Dana Day, Business Development Director, Cardano

Michael Luo, Associate, Lincoln Pensions

18:00: Networking, drinks and nibbles

19:00: Close

CPD certificates will be sent 24/48 after training.


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