AMNT Digital Stats December 2017

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Helping our sponsors to communicate their brands and get noticed through our digital channels.


Our website is central to our communication strategy. It boasts one of the most comprehensive events calendars in the pensions industry as well as detailed sponsor pages. The website is regularly updated with topical content and enhanced to improve its user experience in line with digital advances.

1,565 visits 70%

Number of visitors between Oct 2016 and Dec 2016, and how

Key facts

Since the launch of the new look website on October 12 2016, there have been over 5,500 page views

Online referrals come via Professional Pensions, Engaged Investor, Hymans and Red Line Voting

The Events Calendar is one of the most popular pages

02:17 mins

Average time spent viewing content on the website

The bounce rate (number of people leaving the website upon entry) has decreased
by 11% since the launch of the new
look website


We use Twitter to broadcast relevant, engaging content to the pensions and trustee community. In particular we promote content from our sponsors, including items such as events, reports and company updates. Below is
a snapshot of our activity in November 2016:

Winter conference

22 November 2016

5,505+tweet views


Key facts

14,100+people watched our Twitter activity

1,055+people viewed our most popular tweet

5,505 was the highest number of impressions recorded in a single day

Sponsors are tagged into tweets to promote and endorse their content

We actively promote sponsor content during member events

Each event concludes with the launch of a dedicated summary page which includes the speakers and presentations from the day

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