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With over £1.7 trillion in assets under management as at 30 June 2014, Vanguard is one of the world's largest investment companies, offering a selection of low-cost mutual funds and ETFs.

What sets Vanguard apart – and lets Vanguard put investors first around the world – is the ownership structure of The Vanguard Group, Inc., in the United States. Rather than being publicly traded or owned by a small group of individuals, The Vanguard Group is owned by Vanguard’s US-domiciled funds and ETFs. Those funds, in turn, are owned by their investors.

This unique mutual structure aligns Vanguard’s interests with those of investors and drives the culture, philosophy and policies throughout the Vanguard organisation worldwide. As a result, UK investors benefit from Vanguard’s stability and experience, low-cost investing and client focus.

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